Meet The Technicians

We would like to help you get to know our service technicians. We have provided a bio on each of us for you to check out. We are a family owned business and want families to feel comfortable bringing there vehicles in for us to work on. We hope this helps you trust us more. 

John Hummel (Owner/Head Technician) 


Graduated from Salt Lake County Community college in 1976 with an Associate degree in Auto Mechanics.  Factory trained in Toyotas Fords and Chryslers.  Lived and worked in the area since 1982.  Has been self employed since 2000.  Has been certified as an ASE Master Tech.  Constantly taking continuing ed to ensure knowledge on the most up-to-date technology and equipment.  His specialized field is in Electronics, and Advanced Drivability and Diagnostics. 

Jonathan Hummel (Technician) 

Has worked for his dad since he was in Diapers on the driveway.  While in High school he won the state Ford AAA student auto skills comp for diagnosing and won a full ride scholarship to Salt Lake Comm. College which he completed in Dec of 2009. While in college he took 4th and 2nd in Skills USA a state competition that test skills in Automotive.  He has been diagnosing and repairing cars for the past ten years and is constantly taking continuing ed.  Certified to do State inspections on both vehicles and motorcycles.  He specializes in Electrical. 

Jacob Hummel (Technician) 

Has been working full time for Hummels for the past 5 years and has some CTI Technical training.  He specializes in Heavy line and fabrication.  He also does the exhaust work for Hummels Automotive.  He has worked on anything from 4 wheelers and motorcycles to pink scooters.  He is currently a volunteer Fire Fighter/EMT  for Washington City. 


Stan Jackman (Parts Manager)







Janice Hummel (Owner/Administration)

She is the grease that keeps this well oiled machine working properly.  Received her Associates Degree in Business from LDS Business college.  She not only keeps the financial portion of the business running smoothly, but moonlights as the best Grandma in the world.  When she isn’t working at Hummels Automotive she is busy driving the school bus for the Washington County School District, and throwing Pink Milk Tea Parties for her many granddaughters.

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