Engine Performance/Efficiency

In today’s economy, many people are looking to make their vehicles more fuel efficient.  When you fuel efficiency starts to decline it could be a mechanical, electrical, or computer problem with your engine.  Tune ups should occur anywhere from 30,000 to 100,00o miles depending on manufacturers specifications.  We can check the fuel trims on some vehicles and compare them with what the manufacturers say they should be at. We also do a fuel injection cleaning which will clean the injectors and help increase the vehicles efficiency.  Engine repairs are the most expensive repairs that can be done on your vehicle.


Check Engine Light

Check Engine lights are recognized by a little yellow light that is shaped like an engine or a “CHECK ENGINE”.  When it comes on it indicates something that can cause the vehicle to exceed federal mandated emission requirements.  If the light is blinking, your vehicle needs to be repaired IMMEDIATELY.  There are over 100 codes that could cause your check engine light to come on.  We have the tools to pull those codes and quickly diagnose and repair them the first time.

Brake Repair

Breaks are designed to wear down.  Without the proper care of your brake system your risk of an accident increase putting you and those you love at risk.  Driving habits will determine the life span of your brakes, but they normally last approx. 30 to 70 thousand miles, some as few as 16 thousand.  We also have the capabilities to turn the rotors.  Rotors are what the brake pads squeeze to stop the wheels from turning.  After so much use they will warp as well.  We can restore them or replace with new ones.  We also service anti-lock brakes.

Auto Repair & Servicing

We work on everything from Acuras to Zambonis.  No car is too old.  We have access to maintenance schedules and we know what the manufacture recommends for services and are capable of performing those services.  We can work on foreign or domestic, ATVs, motorcycle, scooters, if it has a motor we can fix it!

Auto Inspections

We offer two kinds of Auto Inspections.  A State Safety Inspections which is required on most cars every year. We also do pre-purchase inspections.  Buying a car is a huge investment.  Often times you see wants on the outside when you are looking at vehicles.  Bring it to us and we will check the undercarriage to look for signs of damage, check the operation of the engine and transmission by test driving.  We scan the computer for any codes that may indicate impending problems.