Four Essential Breakdown Prevention Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Anyone with a car lives in fear of the day that their car breaks down, and they end up stuck on the roadside. Towing is an expense that nobody wants, and then you are hit with the price of repairs after that! Is there any way to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a broken-down car? Yes, in fact! Keeping up with these critical maintenance tenets will leave you significantly less likely to be stranded in an immobilized breakdown car here in or around St. George. 

Check Fluid Levels

Running your car with low fluids is a sure way to end up with a breakdown, and letting your oil level drop-down can cause friction in the engine, damaging it or even inducing engine seizure. Failing to check the coolant can result in an overheated car. Overheating is hugely detrimental to engines, causing warped cylinders or cracks in the head gasket. Be sure to keep an eye on power steering fluid and brake fluid as well! Checking your fluid levels once a month, or at least at every oil change, is a great preventative measure against breakdowns. 

Replace Your Fan Belt Regularly

If your fan belt breaks, your car will become immovable. A fan belt typically will last around 60,000-90,000 miles. Experts recommend that you get your fan belt checked as often as you get your oil changed, or every six months. 

Check Your Tires

You should check your tire pressure and tire tread regularly to make sure that your tires aren’t getting worn out or flat. Old tires that require a replacement can easily blowout on the road. You can recognize old tires by the cracks that will start to appear on the sidewalls, as well as balding treads. If you’ve run into a curb with a tire or had to have it patched due to a puncture, it is more susceptible to wear and eventual blowouts. It’s recommended that you replace tires at the 6-year mark, even if the tire isn’t balding yet.  

Don’t Ignore Warning Lights

It’s called a “warning” light for a reason! Your car is sensing that there is potential for something to go wrong, and you don’t want to ignore that. If something feels off with your vehicle, be it warning lights, weird noises, or strange vibrations, you should get it inspected by an ASE certified technician.

The best thing St. George drivers can do to help prevent breakdowns is visiting a reliable and trustworthy expert like Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic and Repair for regular vehicle maintenance and inspections. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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