Four Signs Your Car’s Engine Is Dead

There’s a difference between a dead engine and an engine that is a complete goner. In some cases, a vehicle’s engine can be restored by rebuilding a system or replacing a major part rather than replacing the entire engine. In other cases, it’s just better to drop a new engine in the vehicle; otherwise, the owner may face even more expensive repairs down the line. Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic & Repair can help you decide what’s best for your car. We will say, however, that the following four things are usually a sign that your engine is a complete goner.

1. Too Much Exhaust

We talked about excess exhaust in a previous blog post and this is a sign of serious engine trouble. Your engine is burning fuel, oil, or coolant when you see a ton of vehicle exhaust, and no matter what the burning fluid is, it takes severe engine damage to produce the excess black, blue, or white exhaust. This is why you see a lot of exhaust coming out of the tailpipes of really old cars.

2. Engine Knocks

Your engine might knock if you ended up with a batch of bad gasoline in the tank, but constant knocking that doesn’t stop is a sign that your engine bearings are worn out. This sounds bad because it is. Usually, the knocking starts and your engine will die completely in a very short time. It’s best to address any knocking sounds right away, even if they do turn out to be a false alarm.

3. Metal Shavings

If you change your own oil and see metal shavings in the dirty oil, you’re going to need a new engine. Metal shavings come from engine parts that are rubbing against each other, getting too hot, and “shedding” into the motor oil. Chances are your first sign of serious trouble will be complete engine failure, because it’s only a matter of hours before the engine dies with parts this damaged.

4. No Spunk

Finally, nothing mechanical lasts forever, even if you do take good care of it. This holds true for your automobile, too. Eventually, as the miles add up, your engine will start to lose power and you’ll find yourself replacing a major part here and an entire system there. In this case, it might be prudent to replace the dead engine instead. It depends on the source of the power loss and how widespread it is.

Let Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic & Repair in St. George, UT, help you determine what’s going on with your automobile and whether you need a new engine. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by Slphotography from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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