Four Tips to Help You Prevent Premature Clutch Wear and Tear

Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic & Repair works on transmissions, both automatic and manual. We can service, repair, and rebuild your vehicle’s transmission, and if you drive a stick, we can adjust or replace your clutch. There are some things you can do to extend the life of your clutch. Here are four tips that will prevent premature wear and tear on the clutch bearings and other crucial parts.

Disengage the Clutch Fully Between Gears

It’s tempting to keep your foot on the clutch with the clutch slightly depressed between gears until you complete the gear cycle and don’t need to shift anymore. This is especially tempting if you’re stuck in a traffic jam and cycling between first and second gear. This is called “riding the clutch,” and it can damage the pedal prematurely. Release the clutch completely after each depression to avoid riding it and creating clutch wear and tear.

Make Sure to Shift Properly

Learning to drive an automobile that has a manual transmission can be a bit stressful for some people. They try to shift gears before the clutch is completely engaged and grind them, or they release the clutch too soon and the vehicle jolts forward. After practice, you’ll master driving a stick, just make sure to shift properly. Clutch down, shift gear, clutch back up, repeat. Learn the feel of the clutch catch to avoid clutch wear and tear.

Avoid Rollback Without Using the Clutch

Imagine this: You’re stopped at a red light on an incline. You know the minute you take your foot off the brake, your vehicle is going to roll backward. The person behind you is right on your tail. To prevent rolling backward, you keep your engine revving with the clutch and accelerator. Set the parking brake instead. When the light turns green, get the right feel between your clutch and accelerator and then gently release it.

Don’t Push It

Finally, don’t push your clutch. If your idea of fun on a Friday night is to drag race down vacant streets, you’re stressing your clutch. If you have a bad habit of towing heavy loads that go beyond your vehicle’s maximum weight limit, you’re pushing your clutch beyond its capacity. It’s important to go easy on the clutch – drive reasonably – otherwise the excess use will wear down the parts before their time.

Call Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic & Repair in St. George, UT, if you would like us to inspect your manual transmission and clutch. We will make any necessary adjustments or repairs so you get the most life out of your vehicle.

Photo by Irman from Getty Images Pro Canva Pro

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