Five Signs You Need New Spark Plugs

Modern automotive technology has taken part of a 30,000-mile service and extended that part to a 100,000-mile service in many cars, trucks, and SUVs. What is that service? Spark plug replacement; although other things still need to be replaced at 30,000 miles. You may need your plugs changed before 100,000 miles, however, especially if your vehicle is older. How can you tell if your plugs are ready for replacement? Look for the following five signs, says Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic & Repair.

Misfiring Engine

You’re driving along and your engine suddenly stalls and then picks right up where it left off. This is an engine misfire and it can be caused by faulty spark plugs or plug wires or your fuel pump. Your engine should perform smoothly. If it doesn’t, there’s something wrong so have the engine checked.

Low Gas Mileage

Another sign that you have bad spark plugs is low gas mileage. If you’re someone who tracks your gas mileage each time you fuel up, you’ll see any differences easily. Otherwise, pay mind to how often you fill up and if that suddenly increases for no reason, it might be time to have your spark plugs replaced.

Slow Starts

Your sparks plugs are part of your vehicle’s ignition system, and if they are dirty or worn, they will not be able to generate the spark the engine needs to start. A slow start doesn’t necessarily mean your battery, alternator, or starter; it could also be the spark plugs, the spark plug wires, or – again – your fuel pump.

Slow Responsiveness

Another sign you have problems with your spark plugs (or fuel filter or fuel pump) is slow responsiveness when you step on the gas. Your vehicle should react within its limits when you press down on the accelerator. If it is slow to respond, a failing part(s) is likely preventing the acceleration.

Rough Idles

Finally, dirty or worn plugs may also cause your vehicle’s engine to idle roughly. When at a stop, you shouldn’t feel any unusual vibration or hear any strange sounds. If you do, bring your vehicle in for a check-up. Rough engine idles signal engine trouble, including your spark plugs or transmission.

Located in St. George, UT, Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic & Repair services and repairs automotive engines. Call us today if you suspect your spark plugs need replacing. We’ll inspect them and other possible cause of your vehicle’s lack of engine performance.


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