Do I Have to Use Synthetic Oil in My Engine?

If your automobile’s manufacturer recommends that you use synthetic motor oil, that is the only oil type you should put into your engine. Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostics and Repair advises that many manufacturers of high-performance vehicles recommend synthetic because it does the best job of protecting the high-performance engine. Let’s talk about the different types of motor oil below.


Unless synthetic is specified, your engine will likely run just fine on conventional motor oil. This popular choice has been around for over 100 years. Conventional oil protects standard engines and remains viscous for about 3,000 miles. After this duration, the oil and filter need to be changed. One reason why conventional oil is so popular is that it is the most affordable oil on the market.


Your automobile’s engine may benefit from high-mileage oil. This oil is used in engines that have a ton of miles under their belts. As an engine ages, it is more susceptible to oil leaks and damage from dirt and heat. High-mileage oil helps to protect the engine better and prevent it from leaking oil. This is a huge plus considering that an oil leak can cause irreparable damage to the engine.


As we mentioned above, if you drive a high-performance vehicle, you need to put synthetic in the engine. The other times when synthetic is beneficial is if you live in an area with an extreme climate or do a lot of stop-and-go driving. Synthetic oil is man-made and contains additives that help it retain its viscosity longer. It also does an excellent job of protecting engines that put up with a lot of abuse. Synthetic is more expensive than conventional, but it does last longer. The general recommendation for a synthetic oil change is every 5,000 miles.

Synthetic Blend

There is a happy medium that can be achieved. There is an oil out there that is a blend of synthetic and conventional motor oils. This oil provides some extra protection but also is less expensive than full synthetic. This motor oil works well in standard engines. Again, if you drive a high-performance automobile, synthetic is your best bet. The synthetic blend would not provide enough engine protection.

Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostics and Repair in St. George, UT, is here to help, so call us today to set up your next oil change. We will talk with you about the best motor oil for your automobile.

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