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Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostics and Repair is proud to be your source for reliable brake repair in St  George, UT. When it comes to caring for your car, engine repair can be the most expensive form of service. It’s important to stick to a good preventative maintenance schedule that includes oil changes to ensure that your engine lasts a long time. However, if you run into trouble, the experts at Hummel’s Auto Repair can help you determine what’s going on with your engine and make the repairs needed to fix it.

There can be several reasons behind engine trouble and they’re not always catastrophic. It could be a matter of a quick fuel injection cleaning to help the engine run more smoothly. On the other hand, you may need a serious overhaul which can be much more expensive and time-consuming.

Engine Repair St George UT

Most drivers today are looking for ways to make their vehicles run more efficiently. If you notice a decline in your gas mileage and fuel efficiency levels, it may be related to the mechanical, electrical, or computer system in your engine. Get a tune-up depending on your manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your engine running at peak performance. Our technicians can look at your fuel trims and compare them to the manufacturer specs. Our fuel injection cleaning service will keep the injectors free and open to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

If you notice that your engine is knocking, this is a serious red flag. Other indicators of engine trouble include smoke, strong odors, and loud noises. Any of these signs and symptoms mean that you should bring your vehicle to us for a full inspection. We can help diagnose the problem and try to get it corrected before things get out of hand. And if it just so happens that your engine is in serious trouble, we can give it a full overhaul or even an entire replacement. The best way to save stress and money is to get your engine inspected at the first sign of trouble to prevent headaches and expenses in the future.

All vehicles require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure that the engine is working the way it should. Your engine is never something you should leave to chance. If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s health, it’s always best to bring it in for a thorough checkup to prevent problems from getting worse later down the road.

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For all your automotive diagnostic and repair needs, visit Hummel’s Auto Repair for engine repair in St  George or give us a call to schedule an appointment today.


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