Is Your Automatic Transmission Going Bad? Here Are Four Signs it Is!

Automatic transmissions are intricate, and it’s important to keep the transmission well-maintained to avoid trouble, as transmission repairs and replacement can be expensive. Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic & Repair services and repairs both automatic and manual transmissions. You might be on the road to automatic transmission repair if you notice any of the following four signs. Stop by our shop right away if you do.

Slipping In and Out of Gear

This is a classic sign of impending transmission doom. Your transmission should shift between gears at the right speeds and stay in the respective gears before the next required gear shift. If your automatic transmission is slipping out gear, there is definitely something wrong with it. Gear slippage can also damage the transmission, as each gear is designed and manufactured to handle a specific speed load.

Spinning Without Engagement

If you step on the gas and your transmission spins without forward movement, you have a problem that needs attention right away. Your automatic transmission has a clutch, too, and spinning is a sign that the clutch is going bad. Naturally, this is also a sign of a bad clutch in a manual transmission. What’s going on underneath the hood is the transmission clutch can no longer engage the transmission gears.

Lagging Before Engagement

If your transmission is lagging before engagement, this means your car, truck, or SUV isn’t “kicking into gear” right away. In other words, you’re at a stop sign and you press on your accelerator when it’s your turn to go but your vehicle doesn’t move right away. Rather, it lags before it shifts into gear and begins moving forward. Transmission lag can also happen between the higher gears. 

Transmission Fluid Problems

There are two primary transmission fluid problems that signal transmission trouble. The fluid has burned or it is leaking out of the transmission. Transmission fluid that is a-okay is pink and nearly transparent. If the automatic transmission is burning the fluid, the fluid will turn dark brown-to-black in color. A transmission fluid leak is a sign of a failing transmission pan, pan gasket, seals, or drain plug.

Bring your vehicle into Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostic & Repair if you suspect your transmission may be going bad. If we catch the problem sooner rather than later, we can keep your repair costs down. You’ll find our shop in St. George, UT, and you can call us to set up an appointment today.

Photo by 12521104 from Getty Images Pro.

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