The Reasons Why Your Car’s Exhaust System Is Malfunctioning

There are signs that your vehicle’s exhaust system is malfunctioning and we are going to list those signs below. Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostics and Repair can fix your car, truck, or C/SUV’s exhaust system if something goes wrong. A faulty exhaust system can make driving your automobile dangerous.

Burning Odors in the Engine Bay

One sign that you have a malfunctioning exhaust system is burning odors coming from the engine bay. This is a signal that the exhaust manifold gasket is leaking. When it leaks, it releases hot exhaust into the engine that melts nearby engine parts made from rubber or plastic.

Decreased Acceleration and Power

You will also notice a decrease in your vehicle’s acceleration ability and engine power. This is a sign that the exhaust system is clogged and filling the combustion chamber with exhaust. It can also be a sign that the exhaust system is leaking and filling the engine with exhaust.

Diesel Fuel or Gasoline Odors

The reason why driving your automobile with a bad exhaust system is dangerous is that the exhaust could make its way into your passenger cabin. When this happens, you will smell gasoline or diesel fuel odors inside your automobile. Stop driving it if this is the case.

Extremely Loud and Rumbling Engine

Your exhaust system may also fail if the muffler has a hole in it. In this case, your engine will get very loud and it will rumble. Unfortunately, there are noise abatement laws regarding loud engines. Have your exhaust system fixed right away to avoid getting a fix-it ticket.

Hanging or Dented Exhaust Pipe

Another sign that your exhaust system is having problems is if the exhaust pipe or tailpipe is damaged. If you take a look at the tailpipe and see that it is hanging too low or it has visible damage such as dents or holes, the exhaust pipe needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Noticeable Reduction in Fuel Economy

Finally, all of these things can cause a noticeable reduction in the gas mileage that your car, truck, or utility vehicle gets. This is because a malfunctioning exhaust system can make the engine work harder to generate power. Unfortunately, it burns more fuel in it does this.

Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostics and Repair in St. George, UT, would be happy to inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system if you suspect that it is going bad. Call us today to schedule a service appointment that is convenient for you.

Photo by Phantom1311 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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