Ways to Keep a Car’s Interior Colder in the Summer

The first step to ensuring that your car’s interior stays cool all summer long is to let Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostics and Repair inspect the air conditioning system to make sure it has plenty of refrigerant and all of the parts are working as they should be. This will keep the interior very comfortable while you are driving the vehicle. But what about when you park? We have some tips for that, too.

Shade the Inside

Shade can be a hard commodity to find in the summer. If you can find a shady parking space, use it. Preventing the sun’s rays from beating down on the interior of your vehicle will keep the inside cooler. If you cannot find a shady parking place, put up shades in the windshield and windows to block the sun’s rays. If your vehicle has an automatic rear window shade, close that, too, to block the sun.

Cover the Inside

Also, take advantage of old towels to prevent burning yourself when you get into the automobile and grab the steering wheel. Cover the steering wheel, seats, and console to keep the sun off the parts of the vehicle that touch your body. You can also put a towel over the dashboard or buy a dashboard cover to prevent the sun from fading and damaging your car, truck, or UV’s dashboard.

Use Garages

Another way to keep your vehicle cooler in the summer is to use garages when you can. For example, if your garage needs cleaning, do it, and make room so you can park your vehicle in the garage when you aren’t driving it. Take advantage of public parking garages, too, to give your vehicle the shade it needs on a hot summer day. These structures are ventilated and provide 100 percent shade.

Ventilate the Car

Speaking of ventilation, crack the windows and the sun/moon roof to allow the air to flow through your vehicle while it is parked. This helps to prevent the heat from building up inside of your vehicle. It is important to understand, however, that cracking the windows and all of the other tips in this blog post do not keep the interior cool enough for kids and pets, so do not leave them in the parked vehicle.

Finally, and once again, call Hummel’s Automotive Diagnostics and Repair in St. George, UT, to set up an AC service to make sure your vehicle’s air conditioner will work efficiently all summer long.

Photo by jangeltun from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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